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Month: April 2015

Commonwealth Court Offers Procedural Guidance for Right-To-Know Law Cases

On April 16, 2015, Commonwealth Court considered 2 procedural matters in a Right-to-Know-Law appeal: (1) sufficiency of a certified record and (2) sufficiency of a signed verification from the responding agency, here the Department of Education (Department).

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DEP Study on Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Protected by RTKL

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s (“DRN”) request for the release of information collected by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (“DEP”) Bureau of Radiation Protection was denied by the Commonwealth Court this week.

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Standing Does Not Expire With Term

The Commonwealth Court concluded this week that standing to challenge an audit of records created during a treasurer’s time in office does not expire with his or her term.  The court reversed an order of the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County, which held a former treasurer lacked standing to appeal the Township’s annual audit/financial report, and concluded that an officer whose performance and records are reviewed by an auditor has standing under § 909 of the Second Class Township Code.

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