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Tag: Court of Common Pleas of York County

Chicken Processing Facility Encompassed By Ordinance’s Definition Of “Agriculture”

If chickens are raised on the farm, is a plant for processing those chickens considered part of that agricultural use? That was the question presented to the Commonwealth Court in this case.  After analyzing the specific language of the municipal zoning ordinance, the court concluded such a facility was part of an agricultural use and therefore was permitted in a district that only allowed agriculture uses.

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Hypothetical Uses, Remediation Agreements, and Environmental Stigma Considerations in Determining FMV for Tax Purposes

In this case the Pennsylvania Supreme Court provided more clarity as to what may be considered in the valuation of a property with environmental damage for tax purposes. Specifically, the court held that the hypothetical ways a property can be used by potential buyers is a permissible consideration, as are any environmental remediation agreements and the environmental stigma associated with the property due to the damage.

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