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Property Owners Not “Required To Connect” Until Connection Notices Are Sent

In this case out of Franklin County, the Commonwealth Court found that property owners were not “required to connect” under a mandatory water connection ordinance until they were actually issued connection notices; not when the water line was completed. Therefore when a municipal water authority sent notices after the effective date of a statute giving property owners abutting existing lines an exemption from connecting, the property owners qualified for the exemption and did not have to connect.

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Standing Does Not Expire With Term

The Commonwealth Court concluded this week that standing to challenge an audit of records created during a treasurer’s time in office does not expire with his or her term.  The court reversed an order of the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County, which held a former treasurer lacked standing to appeal the Township’s annual audit/financial report, and concluded that an officer whose performance and records are reviewed by an auditor has standing under § 909 of the Second Class Township Code.

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