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Month: November 2017

Commonwealth Court Holds That Philadelphia Ordinance Regulating “Adult Cabarets” Was Neither Unconstitutionally Overbroad nor Unconstitutionally Vague

The Commonwealth Court was asked to assess the constitutionality of a provision of the Philadelphia city code regulating “adult cabaret.”  The court found that the language of the ordinance was neither unconstitutionally overbroad nor unconstitutionally vague.

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Commonwealth Court Holds That Homeowners’ Association Had Authority to Regulate “Tigger” Mailbox

In this “over-litigated case,” the Commonwealth Court was asked to determine if a homeowners’ association had the authority to require the removal of a mailbox that homeowners had not gotten approval to install.  The court determined that the association could require the mailbox’s removal, as it was a structure under the terms of the association’s Declaration and Guidelines.

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Commonwealth Court Holds That the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment Has Authority to Grant Special Exceptions with Conditions

This case required the Commonwealth Court to determine whether or not a zoning hearing board had the authority to place conditions on the grant of a special exception.  In holding that it did, the court relied on the language of the Philadelphia city code, which it determined provided the board with adequate discretion to impose the conditions.

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